Experience and Qualifications


A qualified and accredited Equestrian coach for Show Jumping-Dressage-Eventing. Now completing Equestrian Federation of Ireland Level 2.Std.


A graduate of Monty Roberts accomplished and experienced in his methods of join-up, follow-up and advanced join-up and follow-up techniques Long Lining, Round pen including studies in Horse Behaviour and psychology.


Further Advanced studies were undertaken in America studying Monty Roberts principles and practices in advanced/professional handling and training including psychology and communication principles in non violent Gentling and starting of wild unhandled horses including the more challenging or traumatised ones and various breeds addressing remedial and behaviour issues in horses of all age and disciplines.


Specialist’s studies were undertaken in the methods and principles of leading equestrian expert Dr Robert Millar in horse behaviour and psychology, and handling of Equines and Foal imprinting.


Further studies in horse gentling were undertaken building the larger picture and allowing the development of a more integrated system.


From his extensive studies Jim has learned and developed various and innovative ways of working with confused and difficult horses.


Other methods were studied and developed to ensure that riders and horse enthusiasts of all levels can be trained and educated.


The concept is that horse and rider (if required) can be trained and coached in Ground handling skills. These skills are then translated to riding techniques. He does not believe anybody has the right to call it his or her unique system the fundamental knowledge was there from earlier generations.


The Unique Ingredient is conviction, that there is a better way that does not punish or inflict pain; this requires education strength and respect.


In a forward thinking approach to Training- Re training- Handling and Rehabilitation further studies were undertaken abroad at practitioner level in the methods of Linda Tellington Jones. A widely experienced and accomplished competitor Linda’s diverse experience encompasses Three day eventing, Steeple chasing, Dressage, Western etc.


The system is based on the studies of Feldenkrais and is very suitable for horses because it uses movement as the primary vehicle for gaining awareness; it is directly applicable to disorders that arise from restricted or habitually poor movement. As a process for gaining awareness, it can expand horses choice and responses to many aspects of life: emotions, relationships, and intellectual tasks; and it applies at any level, from severe disorder to highly professional performance. The Feldenkrais Method holds that there is no separation between mind and body, and thus learning to move better can improve one's overall well being on many levels.


The Equine Awareness Method Is a teaching method for horses that incorporates bodywork and ground exercises to help improve co-ordination, balance, and athletic ability whilst deepening further communication and understanding between the horse and rider. TEAM techniques gently guide the horse through non-habitual exercises that can alter existing unwanted habitual patterns. The principal originally developed for Humans was adapted and developed for Horses by Linda Tellington Jones. The method involves Activating or Re-activating Neural pathways to the brain. This improves or addresses sensory processing by improving or repairing sensory integration resulting in improved Confidence- Presence-Performance-Ability. Olympic dressage competitor’s leisure riders etc have used it widely in many countries across the world. As part of a training programme it develops a more flexible attitude not just more flexible bodies.


In wanting to improve awareness in a more spiritual and holistic way studies of Reiki were undertaken by Jim with Reiki masters that practice in this ancient system particularly with Horses.