Healing and Communication


Jim Fogarty is of the opinion that it is rather egotistical, and indeed naive to think that any one system developed by a human has the complete answer to equine issues.


Realistically, to work with only one system is very limited and doomed to failure. Animals showing signs of behavioural problems can be viewed in different ways; either as an animal with a behavioural problem, or as an animal that has a problem and chooses to display in some way that it is unsettled or unhappy, the latter being closest to the truth.


Most humans are ignorant and or arrogant in their approach and understanding of animals, particularly horses. As an animal is unable to voice its concerns or problems the negative feelings being experienced, tends to manifest in behaviour that we see as undesirable. Possible symptoms being biting, raring, booking, kicking, weaving, wind sucking, hyper, closed down, etc. There are many devices on the market, making all sorts of claims to stop such behaviour, but this is not the right way to go about it and is certainly not in the best interests of the animal. By forcibly stopping such behaviour and not replacing them with something positive, we can put our horse’s mental well-being under further stress.


Reiki and Integrated energy is a holistic form of healing and works on the mind and body and the spirit. It works on the mental and physical and emotional and spiritual levels at the same time. The term healing refers to the balancing of energy in the body so that it may heal itself. Many horses retain traumas from their past and are not able to move on, these may be injuries, stress, emotional or abuse issues. Reiki and energy healing assists in finally helping them to work through and release these negative influences and enjoy a more complete life and performance.


In attempting to provide a more holistic approach towards addressing horse behaviour issues. Jim has undertaken extensive studies in many different forms of energy healing and has achieved the following accreditations and qualifications.


- Diploma in animal energy healing.
- Certificate in animal energy healing.
- Diploma in animal communications.
- Certificate in animal communications.
- Tera-Mai Reiki Master, practitioner and teacher.
- USUI SHIKI RYOHO, Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher.
- REIKI/SEICHEM Practitioner.
- INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY Advanced level practitioner.
- Certified Psychic and Spiritual Communicator.
- Certificate in Crystal Healing.