What we do and what we offer


What we do


We are aspiring to provide a service that addresses the needs of Horses and owners/riders to overcome their issues or problems. The way we propose not alone addresses the immediate problem but improves the relationship between horse and rider whether they be competition or leisure horse and riders.


We have extensive experience in addressing the needs of the most challenging of horses in a firm but non-violent respectful way.


Like all reputable organisations trainers etc the Health and care of the horse is of prime importance and we will not deviate from this. We have adapted a modern and enlightened approach to training of horse and rider this should not be confused with weakness quite the opposite. However while disrespectful behaviour is not accepted in Horses we are aware of the limiting influence that Human pride and Ego exerts on progress and Unfairly on horses” Its not always the horse” sometimes we need help.


It is interesting to see the wide variety of people and horses that come for assistance. Many riders have horses exhibiting problems that conventional schooling does not address satisfactorily and at times trainers and owners have tried using disciplining methods that involve pain or gadgets. This is often done in ignorance or frustration but it should cease as it is cruel and achieves little except a confused or traumatised horse.


Our methods are successful and always show improvement it is always difficult to estimate how long it will take as this is dependent on riders capability level of problem etc. However when one observes the alternatives using schooling gimmicks large spurs whips and severe bitting/bridles and strong or brute force this does not work so the option is a No Brainer.


Physical and Behavioural Problems are Related


It was a most enlightening and pleasurable experience meeting Sarah Fisher “Talking with Horses Fame” Sarah has advocated the relationship between posture and performance.


The purpose was to develop a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of the complex nervous systems central and peripheral that control and affect the posture and performance of the horse. Behaviour and emotional and mental wellbeing are closely linked to the horse’s psychical state and therefore his posture; each can affect the other for better or for worse. Remember there is always a reason for unwanted behaviour.


Confidence Issues


Lack of confidence is often frowned upon in horsey circles; this applies to Horse and riders. Lack of confidence is basically a fear. Fear has various levels and is specific to each individual. It is a rational emotion that we all experience at different levels.


We endeavour to assist people and horses overcome or improve their understanding and control of this necessary and valid emotion.


The main criteria for overcoming or controlling fear is understanding the emotion of fear itself identifying the specific causes and planning to reduce them in a logical and effective way.


The old cliché of relax and don’t be afraid “ is as useless as it Sounds”.


We approach fear or lack of confidence in a mature an informed way recognising it rather than “ ignoring it and it will Go away” it wont.




We hope and want our approach to be enlightened and successful to achieve this we need to empower people. To empower we need to develop clarity when the horse clearly understands what we want he usually obliges. To develop a successful partnership it is necessary to include the horse. We can all recall the famous and successful partnerships of horses and riders “We have good horses, we need to know how to develop” The Partnership.


We address a variety of issues and problems. The list below is indicative of many but there are lots more maybe more discrete that are difficult to describe or identify but are just as real. Horses are sophisticated intelligent animals mostly we underestimate this and unfortunately that is often the challenge.


We are available to assist riders and horses of all levels many of our clients are involved in competition but leisure horses ponies and riders are welcome.





We provide training or re training of horses. Each problem is appraised and handled in an individual way. Additional training is provided for handling issues these may be for ground handling or for riding.


General coaching is also provided for show jumping-Dressage-X-Country.


For those wishing to develop their knowledge of non-aggressive horsemanship we are available to provide training individually or collectively for groups clubs etc. This can be undertaken at or off our facilities. If specific training or education is required we will be delighted to discuss and address.


For more information click here to see our Problem Horse page.